Wednesday, January 30, 2008

under the lake

62 miles of deserted shoreline

toothpick factorywhere do toothpicks come from?

shellancient seashell?

under the lakemysterious objects surface

Carters DamCarters Dam circa 1977

Carters Lake in north Georgia with its clear blue water. The water level is usually down in the winter, possibly more so this year because of the drought. This is a good time of year to explore the lake, you can easily walk some of the 62 miles of shoreline, finding colorful rocks, sandy soil, shells, enjoy the fresh mountain air.

I remember coming here in the 60s with my dad to see the construction of the dam, mountains of red Georgia clay being pushed around by big machines, here is a picture found online in the archives of the Corps of Engineers.

Imagine what might be under that deep cold mountain water. I am reminded of the Stuart Woods' book - Under the Lake - about a peaceful lake in the north Georgia mountains and the mysterious things submerged beneath the waters' surface. I wonder on which mountain lake his story was based? Maybe there is more here than meets the eye, under the lake...

~featured on Georgia Blog Carnival #28


The Calico Cat said...

Too bad it is probably too cold to take dip to find out... From the title, I was sure I was going see some scuba induced photos...

dot said...

Nice post! Makes me want to go back and investigate some more.

colleen said...

So much blue. It's making my eyes water.

June said...

Yes...interesting to see what is normally under water!

doubleknot said...

Now I am stuck on trying to figure out the 'mysterious objects' - guess they will have to remain a mystery. What lovely pictures. It must have been relaxing seeing all that beauty.

Kerri said...

You have a curious mind Susan. That's a good thing. :)
It's a beautiful place for a walk and your photos are lovely, as always.
I enjoy these walks you take us on!