Wednesday, January 23, 2008

personality test

Potholder personality test?

Well, all the kids have completed their potholders now, and it was interesting to watch their different approaches and styles.

Madison used a jumble of colors, no specific order, but she did make sure to include them all - chaotic but thorough

Racheal - a definite order here, half the colors going one way, the other half going the other way - both in strict pattern - until the last one, which was added with a little twist - colorful and complex

Sarah - all white in one direction, then colorful rainbow pattern going the other way - simple and trendy

Kyle begrudgingly made one after I told him Grandpa Buddy used to make them when he was a boy (I wonder if he did?). Avoiding the obvious girl colors, Kyle went with cool blue and green with a little yellow, had a much easier time with the project than any of the girls, completing it in record time - cool and easygoing

How would you do on this test?


janeywan said...

I like them all, but would probably do the chaotic approach. Ask me in a week or two that could change.

Gypsy Quilter said...

If I remember correctly, and it's been a loooong time, far more colors came in the bag. I do remember the metal prongs pinching at my fingers though. Ouchers!

dot said...

They sure made a pretty colorful picture! I would go with Kyle's colors but I'd have had a hard time finishing and I'm sure not cool and easy going. lol

Kerri said...

Simple never outgrow it! Good for Kyle for having a go in spite of thinking it was a girly activity, and good for you Grandma, for getting them all involved :)