Thursday, January 24, 2008

at the playground

erector set
what drought?
fun at the playground

The boys have been busy at the jobsite, the iron workers erecting steel, the crane lifting trusses, real grown-up jobs that these guys probably used to pretend to do as little boys with their toys - erector sets, tinkertoys, pickup sticks, Lincoln logs.

Buddy brings home more than job pictures every night, clinging to his boots is a souvenir of Georgia red clay.

Hard work spotlights the character in people
Some turn up their sleeves
Some turn up their noses
And some don't turn up at all
~Sam Ewing

~construction site of First Citizens Bank, Dawsonville, Georgia


dot said...

I really like this post and pictures. I wonder how many kids know what tinker toys and erector sets are now days.

jellyhead said...

Sounds like Buddy is a 'turn up his sleeves' kinda guy.

Those building frames DO sort of look like tinker toys!

colleen said...

All I can think of is how much my sons would have loved this when they were little. Now they drive the dang things.

Andrea said...

Great post. Love the interesting pictures.

June said...

It still amazes me how much building is going on - despite the economy's downturn. I enjoyed're starting to remind me of Colleen :-)

Seeing Anew said...

RE: Buddy's muddy boots. It's nice to see ground that isn't frozen! Hello from frozen Ohio.

Laurie & Chris said...

Great pictures! I bet its fun cleaning up that red mud!!

Kerri said...

I always enjoy your sense of humor :) Great captions and great pics.
I'll bet that mud isn't allowed inside your front door! It must actually be good to see mud though, or at least the moisture that caused it.
Our grandsons love building things. They just got another set of Lincoln Logs for Christmas. On to bigger and better cabins!