Tuesday, December 11, 2007

shop til you drop

I went shopping over the weekend with the girls, and am just now recovering. It was a long day, and as the day wore on I became more and more appreciative of online shopping.

After returning, Buddy showed me this article from MSN, and it sounded a lot like our day:

Do you suffer from HGSS - Holiday Gift Shopping Syndrome? Do you suffer pressure, stress and confusion, a complete lapse of taste? If you suffer panic attacks at the mall or if you lay awake at night worrying about finding the perfect gift, you may be an HGSS sufferer.

The article goes on to list the 15 worst holiday gift ideas. I must admit that I have either received or given some of these in the past:

The deadly weapon - Unless you're just dying to test the limits of your liability insurance, stick to Hannah Montana and video games.

The lingerie trap - Never buy lingerie for a woman unless she has ripped out the page from the Victoria's Secret catalog and circled the exact item herself.

Books by the pound - Why buy a mere book when for the same money you can give a mega-book? Remember, it can also serve as a flower press, a door stop and kindling, 4 gifts in one!

The homemade gift - Just because you don't have money doesn't mean you have talent.

Did you know? $8 billion worth of gift cards went unused last year.

Which leads to another good article on gift cards:

Gift cards are incredibly popular. They're also an oxymoron.

A gift, ideally, says, "I thought about you. I considered your likes and dislikes, your needs and wants, your dreams and desires, and found you this token of my esteem that I hope will delight you."

A gift card says, "There! Checked you off my list."

Good luck with your shopping this year and try not to fall into the HGSS trap!


The Calico Cat said...

Thank you so much for a truely insiteful post!

I often wonder if non-quilters think this about my quilts...
"The homemade gift - Just because you don't have money doesn't mean you have talent."

And to think so many bloggers have taken the "homemade challenge."

janeywan said...

Shopping? Nope no shopping here except for food. I did all the shopping I'm doing and that was for Drew, took him to Circuit City for new stereo for his suburban. That covered his birthday and Christmas.

colleen said...

So far so good. I've been staying away. Shopping locally here in Floyd doesn't count. As long as it isn't a mall or strip mall scene. In those I buy impulsively and get overwhelmed with everything I see at Christmastime.

That was a fun list of tips.