Wednesday, December 12, 2007


What happens on vacation stays on vacation... or NOT!

Our daughter Carrie had a vacation romance while on her trip to Australia, picked up a guy, had some fun. But what happened in Australia isn't staying in Australia. He is coming to the US for Christmas to meet the parents!

This will be his first visit to Georgia or even the United States. He says Georgia makes him think of these things:

Isn't that where Deliverance was filmed?

He has been watching the Blue Collar Comedy Tour with Jeff Foxworthy so he will be familiar with our culture.

He wants to go deer hunting.

and to Walmart...

I must admit it is tempting to be waiting at the airport when he comes out, all of us in our overalls with teeth blacked out, holding signs that say 'Howdy!' Then he could ride back to the hills in the pickup truck full of kinfolk with dueling banjos playing. But we don't want to scare him off just yet…

So, first impressions, lasting impression, what impression of Georgia should we give?

If I could put together a welcome package for this special visitor, what are some souvenirs of Georgia to include?

A chili dog from the infamous Varsity?

A hike on the Appalachian trail?

A ride on the Olympic Whitewater course?

Carrie has a lot of things to do planned for him while he is here, I think mostly just to keep us from 'entertaining' him. Let's see, we do have those childhood home movies, and videos of her ballet recitals and clogging...


June said...

Now that would be a hoot...meeting him that way. I'd say you have a good list going for things to have him "see". If I think of any others I'll come back and tell.

andsewitis Holly said...

You are so funny! Blacked out teeth, dueling banjos. Dare you to do it - hehe.

Definately a hike on an Appalachian trail. That's what I would want to see.

janeywan said...

Oh Mom!

Nice looking couple they are, now don't go and spoil it. lol

jellyhead said...

They look so gorgeous and fresh-faced and sweet... now don't you go teasing that poor boy (or Carrie, with torture-by-photo-album!)

Sandy said...

He's so handsome! They look great together. If he's coming all this way to meet the folks, then it must be serious.

Kerri said...

Oh you are bad!
I can't wait to hear the stories. Be gentle with the poor boy. But hey, we Aussie's are tough, and it sounds like he has a good sense of he'll survive, no doubt!
That's a sweet photo!
You all have fun now :)