Friday, December 14, 2007


new digs
directed by Mr. Pflueger

Last night we joined the community in the dedication of the new middle school on our side of the county. The students are anxiously awaiting the move to the new facility. Teachers and staff will be busy over the holidays making the transition in time for school to start back in January. We heard of the years of dedication and planning for this new school.

But we really just went to hear the middle school band's Christmas concert, starring our own family trombone player - granddaughter Sarah!

There were a lot of dedicated musicians who put in many hours of practice, a lot of dedicated parents who endured the hours of practice and miles of chauffuering, and the outstanding dedication of Mr. Pflueger, band director.

The middle school is proud to play, wearing the school colors of purple and white, some with handed-down high school band uniforms, some with purple t-shirts, the occasional Santa hat.

The instruments are also sometimes handed down through the generations, or maybe it is just the occasional family story that sparks the interest - of how 'grandpa played the trombone way back in high school'.

It was a night of dedication - community, teachers, parents, students. Congrats to all on the new digs, and mostly to Sarah, you were great!


jellyhead said...

She plays trombone AND she's a knockout? Lucky, talented girl! It must be a real thrill to be her grandmother :)

andsewitis Holly said...

Don't you just love those school band concerts! Especially when one of your own is in it.

Michael Manning said...

What a sweet girl. You must be very proud!

June said...

I used to love going to high school band concerts. I'm glad they're alive and well. I think it's great that your granddaughter plays trombone, by the way.

Kerri said...

Sounds wonderful! The school events are fun, and must be extra special when your grandchildren are participating.
She's a beauty :)