Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Visual aids are important in weight loss, as in many other areas of endeavor.

Sometimes the loss of weight seems insignificant, but if you compare it to something visual, it becomes an accomplishment. For example, if you lost 1/4 pound - that is a stick of butter.

3 pounds is a can of Crisco

5 pounds is a bag of sugar

At Weight Watchers, someone lost 7 pounds and the leader said,
"That's 28 sticks of butter!"

When one person was asked about her total weight loss, she said,
"I lost a bag of deer corn, 40 pounds!"

The meetings are lots of fun and entertaining. We meet new people, get encouragement, recipes, and tips.

Like just last night we were told, "If it gets too cold to go outside to exercise, just do like everyone else in Ellijay, go to The Walmart and walk around!"

The country version of mall-walking, losing your weight in deer corn, ain't the country life grand!

~featured on Georgia Blog Carnival #22


June said...

These visualizations are great...of course, for me, I'm thinking in terms of not what I've lost, but what I'm still carrying around. Five pounds was so abstract until you relate it to a bag of sugar. Now, I can FEEL it.

Gina said...

Those are great visuals. I wish I could lose a bag of deer corn, or two. LOL

Byron Chesney said...

You know, all it makes me think of is rolling that Deer Corn in the sugar, dipping in the melted butter, and frying it in that Crisco and eating it! Oooh, I've got a problem, don't I?

Joann said...

Country life is different and the incentives are different. The local Chevy dealership is boosting sales in November with the following promotion: "Buy a Truck, Get a Deerstand."

Somehow I don't see this promotion working quite as well in St. Louis, Chicago, or NYC. (grin)

janeywan said...

Well I definitely need to lose a bag of deer feed.

Your previous photos are beautiful as usual and I'm so glad you get a chance to experience the golfing event, maybe you'll see my brother there. He participates in events like those, or has in the past. If I find out he will be there I will let you know.

Stop by my site and vote for my rags please! Thanks for the previous vote. Can't recall if I thanked you before, CRS anymore, so anyway I'll thank you again.

Sandy said...

You know, I think I'd like to lose 29 or 30 sticks of butter myself.
What a great visual!

colleen said...

Yes, I do that. I always picture fruit because of weighing it in grocery stores. I know what a pound looks like. And then I imagine me having to carry a five pound bag of them around everywhere.

Sara said...

That's hysterical that you are talking about visualising weight loss, me mum has been on a new eating program & lost 21 pounds, so I can't wait to tell her she's lost half a bag of deer feed, I reckon she'll LOVE that one!!