Wednesday, November 21, 2007

turkey trot

turkeys are back
The turkeys are back!

Don't they know that tomorrow is turkey day?

Don't they see the turkey deep fryer getting filled with oil,

the turkey platter coming out of the cabinet?

They travel in a group, flock, or posse, a community of turkeys traveling around visiting the neighbors, seeing what is new.

gathering round the water cooler

Like the turkeys, there is also a community of bloggers. Since I work at home, it helps me stay 'connected' with other folks without dealing with the office politics. Just hanging out 'round the virtual water cooler, occasionally offering my two cents' worth.

turkey trot

I check in with my neighbors out in blogland to see what they are up to, what stories or pictures they have to share. One of my neighbors up in Tennessee, Byron at Knoxville Trivia Blog recently received the Community Blogger Award and kindly passed it on to me!

"The Community Blog Award celebrates people who reach out and makes the blogger community a better one."

Byron described my blog:
"She takes beautiful photographs. She blogs about the kind of things that I like, such as family, mountains, old barns and a plethora of other subjects. She's as country as barbed wire and bailing twine, and not ashamed to admit it, and I like that."

He went on to reference my "where I'm from" post, and said,
"Sounds like we have a lot of the same things in common, only you've been sprinkled and I've been dunked!"

Thanks for the kind words. Hmmm... country as barbed wire and bailing twine?

flying turkey

This award is flying out to more neighbors in the community:

Georgia blogger - Elementary Historyteacher at Georgia on My Mind gathers Georgia bloggers together for a biweekly carnival of Georgia blogs.

Virginia blogger - June at Spatter has joined the blogging community of Floyd, Virginia, a small one-light town chock full of artists and writers and bloggers. She says, "What I write feels and looks like spatter to me...spurts of inspiration."

North Carolina blogger - Gypsy Quilter is part of the quilting community, and says, "Whenever I wander, wherever I roam, if my fabric goes with me, then I feel at home. Some children grow up using every crayon in the box. I still do, only now they are fabric boxes."

Have a great turkey day everyone!

~featured on Georgia Blog Carnival #23


June said...

First, thank you SO VERY much for bestowing the Community Blogger Award on me and my Spatter! It's heartwarming to think you feel that I warrant it. I'll "wear the emblem" proudly. I have to relinquish it during the months I'm in Florida???

As for the pics. Will you be frying yours? I've heard that it's a delicious way to prepare the bird. One day I'm just going to have to try it!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Susan said...

Of course we deep fry the turkey, everything is better fried, it's just a Southern thang...

janeywan said...

Those are gorgeous photos! I agree with Byron on all he said. I off to check out his site.

Happy Thanksgiving.

elementary historyteacher said...

Oh my! Wow, what a great way to start my day. Thank you so much for honoring me.

Wonderful Fall pictures with this posting......

Have a great Turkey Day!

jellyhead said...

Congratulations on your Community Blogger award! You really are one of those people who drop by and comment regularly - always with something interesting, thought-provoking, kind, or cheeky to say! It's lovely to 'know' you.

Happy Thanksgiving Susan.nb

doubleknot said...

Are those wild turkeys? Haven't seen any in years of course when you live in the city you can't expect to see too many wild critters. Love your photos.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Thank you. You are very kind to think of me.

Mimi said...

Lovely photos and nice words too, glad I stumbled in.