Friday, January 5, 2007

rural reflections

Talking turkey - Melissa called and said, "There are 14 wild turkeys in my yard and they are heading your way!"

Off the map - The front page of this week's paper reports that in printing new maps, the State Department of Transportation eliminated nearly 500 small communities including our community of Cartecay.

Out of place - The blue tooth phone earpiece looked odd attached to Buddy's ear as he was driving the old tractor into the shed.

Special delivery - The UPS man knows that we are all kin on these 4 driveways, and sometimes just makes one stop, leaving packages for us to sort out.

Remembering friends - The latest edition of the North Georgia Now magazine features our departed neighbor, Robert Mealer, and his legacy of basket making.

Cause and effect - The same people who own the local fitness center also have the liquor store.

Keeping informed - The obits are prominently displayed on the front page of the weekly newspaper, or we can call the 24 hour obit line (the cold line) at the local funeral home.

Separation issues - No separation of church and state here in the country - the Christmas decorations are still up at our little community elementary school - the star of Bethlehem prominently displayed across the name of the school.

Perspective - When leaving a local school event, the air was pungent with the odor of the nearby chicken houses. As most of us were turning up our noses, a farmer behind me shouted, "That's the smell of money!"

Neighborhood watch - The grandkids live next door, but not like a subdivision next door - we cannot see their house from ours. And it is perfectly safe for them to walk to our house either via the road or on the trail through the woods.

Filling our needs - From the little store at the end of the road you can get anything from plumbing supplies to gasoline, pizza to order, chicken feed, or fertilizer.

A little dot on a state road map
That's where I was born & where I'll die
Things move at a slower pace
Nobody's in a rat race
And these days that's a special way to fly

Down home - where they know you by name and treat you like family
Down home - a man's good word and a handshake are all you need
Folks know if they're fallin on hard times they can fall back on
Those of us raised up down home

~Alabama's Down Home


The Calico Cat said...

What an awesome compilations of reflections...

Reader's digest (Or one of those "old country" magazines) worthy...

You caught each essence in a very succinct manner...

Those digest magazines love it like that - becasue people would not read the same concept in a paragraph or more form - you can blame that on TV!

Motherkitty said...

You continue to amaze. I'm speechless.

Rhea said...

I feel like these little observations and facts give me a real picture of how you live. All the relatives close together, the wild turkeys, how your town was 'disappeared' off the map, etc. Fabulous. And very funny: the fitness store/liquor store thing.

Kerri said...

I've been exploring your 'corner of the world' this morning (catching up) and have enjoyed your writing and photos so much. I could write a very long comment, or several individual comments, but......must condense!
Suffice it to say, you have a gorgeous house in a serene setting, a beautiful family and it looks like you had a wonderful year full of interesting events. Thanks so much for sharing all this.
How refreshing to see no separation of church and state! :) And how wonderful to live close to family!
Happy New Year to you!

jellyhead said...

What a lovely little 'slice of life' you have revealed. Your lifestyle sounds so inviting! You're a lucky woman.

colleen said...

"Off the Map" is also one very fine movie. Have you seen it? It's from last year.