Monday, November 5, 2007



red hot

the big picture

~nature-inspired photos from our woods - thanks to photographer Carrie


June said...

Good shots, good captions. Isn't there a lot to see, if we just see it!

jellyhead said...

OK, pop a pumpkin pie in the oven, I'm coming over!

As usual, your surrounds look wondrous. Tell Carrie thanks!

Meryl said...

Such great pictures--I love finding blogs that are a hodge-podge, it makes every day a surprise! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment.

Sandy said...

So that's where the really beautiful fall leaves are!!!!

Kerri said...

Inspiring indeed! Nice photos. Thanks to Carrie :)
This weather does make you want a pumpkin or apple pie, doesn't it? It does me anyway, but I haven't done it yet.