Saturday, October 6, 2007

a drop in the bucket

The little sprinkling of rain yesterday was welcome to the maple in the yard (above), but it was just a drop in the bucket, not enough to do any good. Local drought news stories:

Citing historic drought, the director of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) has declared a level four drought response across the northern third of Georgia, which prohibits most types of outdoor residential water use effective immediately.

All comfort stations in Black Rock Mountain State Park campgrounds are closed due to extreme drought conditions. Portable commodes will be in place, however there will be no showers and no water available on individual campsites.

But not to worry, Buddy's new job will start grading next week, guaranteed to bring on the rain!


June said...

Another great photo Susan! Virginia's water situation is similar. I guess the entire southeast is...

Sandy said...

Send Buddy over here...I'm sure we can find him something to grade here.

Alice said...

If Buddy's grading job brings on the rain, could you please send him over here too? Thank you - I'll put the kettle on in anticipation.

david santos said...

I came to visit you to desire a good week to you.
Much attention with our children. It has many criminals who steal them and kill.
Until always

Catherine said...

Great beautiful!
First visit to your blog site, and a very very nice one!
Enjoyed all your smile quotes also!