Tuesday, July 31, 2007

family campout

Family campout weekend - the ABCs of our weekend - by Susan's grandkids:

A is for the awesome weekend and going to the aquarium
B is for butterflies, bumper cars, burning wood
C is for camping out, campfire, eating at Cracker Barrel, and chocolate for s'mores
D is for dogs walking by and Do I Have to Do the Dishes?
E is for eggs and sausage on the campstove

F is for frogs and fish at the aquarium
G is for grandparents and graham crackers for s'mores
H is for having fun and hot weather
I is for inside the camper, and "I enjoyed these days" said Sarah
J is for jellyfish and juicy steaks over the campfire

K is for time spent with grandson Kyle before he leaves
L is for LAKE WINNIE!!!!
M is for Madison and Marshmallows
N is for napping and 'not here' sign
O is for orange juice, being outside, and Oh! Zone ride

P is for pancakes, penguins, people, pictures
Q is for quiet nights, quarters for the dryer
R is for Racheal, roller coaster, and RAIN
S is for Sarah, swimming, skeeters, snoozing, and s'mores
T is for tents and Tennessee

U is for camping under the trees
V is for packing the van, voting, and Very Fun
W is for getting Wet on Water rides
X is for Xtra fun, Xtra exciting
Y is for your company, yummy s'mores
Z is for zooming butterflies, zooming roller coasters

photo album here


Alice said...

I'm sure kids would learn this alphabet much quicker than the old "A is for apple" one. Just as Kyle was there or you could have been stuck for something to go with K.

Sounds like a great time was had by all.

jellyhead said...

What an inventive and happy post! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

Byron Chesney said...

I love that last picture. It reminds me of my oldest daughter. Looks like something she would do.

colleen said...

I thought V was for a polka dot volkswagon! I get homesick for the roller coaster I grew up with when I see the old ones. Never rode on it, just like knowing it's there (which it is not anymore). The camp out looks like great fun!