Friday, June 22, 2007

then and now

Early Moonrise.

description of night sounds a year ago:

katydids keeping time
hoot owl
tree frogs
howling of faraway coyotes
summer thunder rolling in the distance
wind in the trees overhead
carpenter bees in the wood above my head
ceiling fan gently stirring the air
steady breathing by my side

sounds from last night:

steady drone of traffic
on the nearby interstate

lonely sound of a train whistle
echoing through the valley

airplanes overhead
on track to the airport

sirens piercing the air
looking for an accident

and my favorite
the pre-dawn visit by the trash man
picking up and emptying the dumpsters
slam, bam, beep-beep-beep

ahh… the night sounds of urban life
what a difference a year makes

~photo from Webshots - album Glorious Skies by peonierose

1 comment:

colleen said...

Last night we had a little girl squealing in our blueberry patch and a couple of dogs barking, but other than that: the first poem.

The photo is wonderful. Your house doesn't look like it's in an urban setting.