Wednesday, June 13, 2007

helping hands

Our niece Heidi stopped by this past weekend to tell us about her upcoming project, to get some building advice from Uncle Buddy, and to borrow some tools.

Heidi has worked on mission projects for many years, worked with church youth groups, and graduated last June from Candler School of Theology.

She is now working with the United Church of Christ and is in charge of a local mission project at the Twelve Stone Farm in Talking Rock, Georgia.

The owner of the farm is Chiquita Berry, who rescues horses who have been abused and mistreated, and also works with at-risk children, joining the children with the horses is therapeutic for all involved.

The project at Twelve Stone Farm includes a wall to keep the horses out of the cob chapel, and making an enclosed barn out of an existing pole structure.

The volunteers were due to arrive on Sunday and are working all this week. We are looking forward to hearing all about their progress and seeing the pictures!

Cob chapel - cob is a form of construction using clay, straw, and rocks. The horses were eating the straw out of the walls, hence the wall is being built to save the chapel.

Read about Chiquita Berry's story of the Twelve Stone Farm here.


janet said...

Good for Heidi!

I love this kind of stuff.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Hurray, Heidi! I graduated from Candler in 1987 or, as Emory says, 87T (1987 Theology). My first church was Bonanza UCC in Jonesboro, Georgia, just south of the airport in Atlanta. Yes, it's a small world, even on the web.

Sandy said...

You always post such interesting stories.