Monday, May 21, 2007

time travel

On the spur of the moment Dad says, "Girls be ready at 7 a.m., we are going to Dollywood!".

Carrie calls shotgun and I sit in the back with Melissa. The girls are excited, and we get to listen to them chattering nonstop about what is going on in their lives. We stop for breakfast on the way - you know kids, gotta feed 'em.

We ride rides and eat funnel cakes, ice cream, caramel apples. Mid afternoon we decide it is time for a show - soft seat, dark theatre... but the kids will have none of that. So off they go for more rides and we meet back up after the show.

On the way home late that night we listen to Michael Jackon's Thriller and some classic Rick Nelson. While most of us fall asleep, Buddy safely drives us home again.

This describes one of the many spontaneous trips taken when our kids were growing up, but actually this happened this past Saturday. We kidnapped our two adult daughters away from their home, work, family, and took them on a nostalgic road trip, a chance to just be a kid again, no worries. The smiles on their faces all day made this day a keeper in the ol' memory bank.


Bonnie Jacobs said...

Oh, Susan, that sounds like so much fun, doing that with grown children. Why didn't I ever think of doing something like that? I like the way your husband thinks.

Barry said...

I plan to do that with my kids when they both grow out of the nest, assuming they're still close by. drove all this way up to our neck-o-the-woods and didn't say hi? Shame! :)

And I'm surprised you didn't stay for the Dolly concert Sunday night - it was a blast!

janet said...

One of the many places I'd like to visit! Fun to share with your children when they can appreciate it's splendor.

jellyhead said...

What a lovely thing to do. It sounds like such a happy day, and just for once you could spend time solely with your daughters, and they with you.

I love the way you wrote this with a twist, so that we readers only realised at the end that you'd gone on your adventure with your *grown-up* kids.

Now would you guys consider taking me on a road trip, too? I'll bring snacks! (she says persuasively)Maybe Motherkitty can come along as well? We promise to sit in the back and we won't misbehave :)

Sandy said...

This is something that I'm guilty of doing myself...isn't it fun!

Kerri said...

What an absolutely fun thing to do!
This will be a day girls remember forever after, I'm sure.
Great thinking on the part of your hubby.
He's a fun dad...and you're a fun mom :)