Friday, May 18, 2007


Sure, the bank will look pretty on the outside, but what is underneath that cosmetic exterior?

Just look at all the structure involved in the round vaulted ceiling in the lobby - no an alien ship did not land here...

Construction on the new Covenant Bank in Rock Spring, Georgia is right on schedule, and should stay that way unless they keep changing things after they are already in place. The interior desecrater - I mean decorator - is good at this, moving permanent fixtures around at this late date - "Oh, you already poured the wiring and phone lines into the concrete under this area, can't you move them over here?"

It reminds me of my in-laws when they were building their house, he would spend all day putting up a wall and she would come in and say something like, "but that's not where I thought it was going..." and he would spend the next day tearing it down. Nothing has changed in construction, it is still all about making the customer happy.

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