Monday, May 7, 2007

leap of faith

Melissa had her chance yesterday to "jump out of a perfectly good airplane". Ever since her sister, Carrie, went skydiving last summer, Melissa has been 1) mad that she was not invited and 2) anticipating her own skydiving trip.

After waiting for the clouds to lift, the plane rose up to 14,500 feet and both Melissa and Carrie jumped out into a beautiful blue sky with just a few clouds. We watched the colorful chutes drift slowly to the ground.

Melissa has been receiving grief for wanting to do this, from friends and coworkers - you're a mom, you can't do that! Just watch her. Her husband and daughter were visibly anxious, but all went well, and she has the video to prove it.

Melissa commented on carrying on the tradition of her grandmother (my mom) who was a parachute rigger in WWII. I don't believe she ever jumped, but wore the shoulder patch and wings of the American Army paratroopers on her WAC uniform. Here is an article and picture from 1945 about her outfit.

Congratulations to Melissa and Carrie on a great sisterly adventure! I am proud of you both for your courage and for your ability to achieve your goals. Just do it!

See all the pictures here!


Finn said...

Hi Susan, what a great adventure your girls had..*VBS* And you have the courage to cheer them on...that's huge!! Well done Mom, very well done! Hugs, Finn(who loves your Mountain Laurel) *VBS*

LZ Blogger said...

Susan - Now this looks like fun! WHERE DO I SIGN UP?! ~ jb///

Sandy said...

You have to very adventurous daughters who take after their mama.

Jeanne said...

Oh, lovely girls! And it looks like they had as much fun as Dave and Jessica!
Jeanne :)

janet said...

What a great adventure for your girls. I might jump out of a plane with that one guy, he was pretty hot.

colleen said...

Wow. I'm getting chills. Your mother was a real pioneer! I also feel weak just thinking about parachuting.