Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cherokee Eye

In the old days a great Indian chief lay dying in Lookout Valley. He was the last member of a once powerful tribe. The old chief regretted that there was no one to mourn for him after his death, that no one would ever know that he had lived. He prayed to his gods for a token, a sign that he and his tribe should not perish utterly, but in some way be remembered in days to come.

As he prayed, a great storm swept up the valley, shaking the mountain and throwing down huge rocks. The next day the dying chief looked up and saw on the side of the mountain his own likeness carved from rock. He died content knowing that he would not be forgotten as long as his image looked out over the valley.

When the Cherokees came to this section in later times, it was said that they often brought food to the base of this stone profile and in time came to call it do-da nun-yu, or "Father Rock", even thought the old chief had not been a Cherokee.

With the passing of the Indian, no notice was taken of the rock image by the white man. It was called Sunset Rock and the great chief was forgotten in spite of all his gods had done for him. It was not until a few years ago that the rock was again noticed for what it was - a great Indian Profile. Once again there is some one to look upon the image of the old chief and mourn for him.

Look through the hole in the rock,
do you see the profile of the Indian chief?

Cherokee Eye located at Reflection Riding Arboretum and Botanical Garden, Chattanooga, Tennessee


janet said...

Yeap I see it..
Kinda like my little hummer video, you gotta use a little imagination.

colleen said...

The Old Man in the Mountain of New Hampshire recently fell away. They have to rethink their whole tourist attraction.

Every time I head south I see -- I think it's Pilot Mountain off in the distance. There's a big chunk that looks like it was taken out of the mountain and next to it is a big hilly pile. It makes me wonder every time.