Wednesday, March 14, 2007

looking up

Going vertical!

After weeks of horizontal work - grading and smoothing dirt, spreading gravel, pouring concrete, rolling asphalt - the job is going vertical!

This week the steel arrived and is being stood in place at the Covenant Bank job in Rock Spring, Georgia.

This bank is going to be a twin of the New Horizons Bank in Ellijay, Georgia, pictured here:


Janet C. said...

Wow the building is moving along nicely.
Yes I am having a good day. Thanks.
Tax time is over for us money will be deducted from checking account automatically on the 15th or 17th.
It does seem to get easier. One day soon we won't even need to bother. Don't know if that will be a good thing or not.

Motherkitty said...

Tell husband not to hurry completing the bank. If he finishes too quickly, all your great side trips will have to wait and we won't enjoy your lovely posts on all the new places you are seeing.

BTW, we have herds of buffalo here in western Kentucky along with elk, wild turkeys, cougars, and lots of deer, and plenty of skunks! I'm beginning to think we live in a wild kingdom.

Have a great day.

liz said...

Oh, I recognize that building! I'll always think of you now when I pass it by....