Friday, November 4, 2005

Bank on it

This is what my husband does. No, he is not a banker, but a builder, this is one of his projects, the only one close to home. His father was a carpenter and his grandfather was a carpenter, instilling in him the importance of quality work and craftsmanship. He was fortunate to get to build this bank for some great local folks.

One of the problems with building today is the lack of craftsmen. People will come by looking for work claiming to be a carpenter - or better yet a 'master carpenter' - but do they have any tools with them? NO. Can they build a set of steps? (a good test of skills and knowledge) NO. It is very sad and frustrating to try to turn out a good finished project with what there is to work with. But Buddy always turns out a good finished project, whatever it takes to do it. He takes great pride in his work, and we are all proud to say "Granpa Buddy built that!" when we drive by this bank on the way to Wal-Mart!


Alice said...

Sounds like it's the same the world over. Several years ago 'the powers that be' decided to cut back on apprenticeships in just about every area of the building trades - carpentry, bricklaying, electrical, plumbing, etc. - now there is a real shortage of skilled tradesmen in these areas. This can't be rememdied just overnight as it takes several years of study and training to acquire these skills. The workmanship and the community is the poorer for their absence.

Good on your husband for sticking to his standards and taking pride in his work.

doubleknot said...

Alice's comment says it all. People now adays want it done fast and cheap and that is what they get along with all the problems.
Your Buddy can be proud of his work and you can be proud of him.