Wednesday, January 3, 2007

sticky notes

Do you use sticky notes to help you remember stuff?

If you can't get your cure for CRS from e-bay, maybe this will help:

7 habits of people with great memories (according to Prevention magazine)

1. Have fewer than two alcoholic drinks a day (check)
2. Watch less than 1 hour of TV daily (any more than that puts me to sleep)
3. Read novels (check - several are stacked on the nightstand)
4. Do crosswords (have done in the past, like to, need to do more obviously)
5. Eat fish (seldom - wanna go to Red Lobster tonite?)
6. Drink tea or coffee (check - probably too much)
7. Keep a journal (does a blog count?)

So if you can remember to do these things...


colleen said...

I wish I would be organized enough to use sticky notes. I make notes constantly on ragged scraps of paper and lists within lists.

The meditation I do helps keep my brain muscle flexed because it involves memorizing passages and repeating them in meditation. I think Scrabble works for the crossword one. Sometimes I play and my brain in fired up, other times I can't add two and two.

I don't have any New Year resolutions not because I don't need imrpovements, but because I need to make them day by day, otherwise I won't remember them!

Janet C. said...

Boy this is a good one. I do sudoku constantly, I drink coffee, I of course blog which does count in my opinion. Now I'm on the comment page and can't remember the other things to do! Geesh! I think I forgot you on my link page but I will do it now!

jellyhead said...

Ahhhh...good tips. I like crosswords but don't do them regularly - might have to try them more often after reading this.

My best memory aid is having a small diary in which I write down EVERYTHING I have to do each day. Social events, grocery shopping, work, exercise - it all gets written down - otherwise my life turns into chaos!

doubleknot said...

I don't think I could function without sticky notes and was so glad when they came out with the stronger ones. Some where on my blog is a picture of my desk covered with yellow sticky notes. That was a busy time and I had a lot to keep track of. I think I need to depend on lists and notes now - my memory, uh, what was I saying....

Carol said...

Thanks Susan for some more great tips.
1. None
2. Usually.
3. I like to read but it comes in spurts lately.
4. Well, now I am.
5. I eat fish once a week.
6. I stay away from caffeine but do have an occasional herbal tea. Probably doesn't count.
7. Yeah, does a blog count? Probably only if it serves as a catharsis.