Wednesday, December 20, 2006

jumping for joy

This is the last day of school for a couple of weeks and the grandkids are jumping for joy! Wait, is that a MOM jumping also? What's wrong with this picture? "Mommy, we bounce higher when you jump!"

Usually parents don't look forward to having the kids home, bored, crazy with anticipation of Christmas, but Melissa loves spending time with her kids. In this day of divided families and 'who gets the kids when', she is looking forward to having Kyle and Madison a lot over the holidays. They will even wake up at her house on Christmas morning for a change (she said something about h**l must be freezing over for this to happen...). And our other two granddaughters - Sarah and Racheal - who usually travel to their mom's house in Maryland over the holidays, will also be here this year! It will be fun having them all together for Christmas.

And here is our youngest, Madison. She is holding her litter of puppies she made for her teacher (it is okay to show this, teacher presents were opened yesterday). While the bigger kids were making stuff in the workshop, she wanted to make her teacher a present, and said Ms. Lingle liked dogs. We found this idea in an old craft book and Madison made it all herself. She gave each puppy an individual look by the spacing of their eyes and the color of the tips of their noses, with the 'runt' having a pink nose (I think she identifies with the runt). I wonder what teachers do with all this stuff they get each year? I would like to see their storage closets!


doubleknot said...

We know the problems of who gets the kids and when. Do I cook Christmas dinner on Chirtmas Eve or Christmas day? Well we know one grand child is going to be here for Christmas Eve.
Mom jumping for joy? Need a whole lot more of those for these kids today. Glad you get to have the kids for a change.

Madison's gift looks nice - is it made out of a glove - that was all the rage craft back in the early 80's?

bluemountainmama said...

it is so neat that you do so many crafts with your grandkids! i'm sure it's something they look forward to whenever they come over.

Motherkitty said...

What crafty grandkids you have. I'm so happy for the entire family that all the kids will be together this year for the big celebration. Have a wonderful time.

Love the trampoline scene and the pup craft. What a lucky teacher to be loved that much.

Have a wonderful Merry Christmas to you and yours.

susan said...

yes, made out of one of Granpa Buddy's brown work gloves!