Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas to Us

It is comforting knowing that we have been here 30 years in this old house! Of course as it ages, the upkeep is ongoing, or as Buddy puts it the joys of home-ownership. And it is comforting knowing that we will be here in this house (hopefully) another 30 years. We have friends and coworkers who buy, sell, move, and build new houses, and listening to their woes, we are especially thankful to be settled here with no plans of moving ever again!

We know how fortunate we are to have this little piece of heaven here in the mountains, thanks to Buddy's folks who bought mountain land way back in the 50s (at $25 an acre) and later told all us kids to pick out a house-site. I am sure that Buddy's dad, Felton, was looking down on us this week, watching the roof go on, remembering when he helped put the first one on (and remembering the cracked ribs from falling off the scaffold). Maybe he was enjoying being a superintendent once again, pointing out problems, offering solutions. Or maybe he was just smiling, knowing he didn't have to do this for a living any more.

We are happy with the new roof! The writing of the check was a bit painful, but at least I can write part of it off for covering my office. I am so glad the construction is done, I am not interested in any more remodeling any time soon. This time of year with the leaves off, anyone doing a drive-by will be able to see it, as the roofing contractor said - the red really stands out. Now we are waiting to see if the extra insulation will help with the heating bill, and looking forward to hearing the sound of the rain. We have a roof over our heads, all is well.

The new metal roof is finished just in time for Christmas! A good thing, since that is what we are giving each other this year. Which half to you want, dear?


Motherkitty said...

What a gorgeous home you have. And, that wall of windows! Lovely.

I can see right now that Santa and his sleigh are going to have a really bad time of it not falling off your roof. They will have to put Velcro on the bottoms of their hooves so they won't slip off.

I love the red also. And, I'm glad for your sake that all the hammering and pounding is done in time for the holidays (Christmas and Chanukah).

Zoey said...

I love your new red metal roof. It looks perfectly at home in that beautiful setting. I can see why your husband never wants to leave! It's like living in your own little paradise.

colleen said...

And it matches the red car in the photo below! We have a log home too and have been here for 15 years, soon longer than the time I spent in my childhood home (which sadly no longer exists). I love the fact that our place is paid for!

John Cowart said...

Thank God for not moving!

We helped two of our grown children move into two different new homes from four different appartments last weekend!

Isn't that insane?

Janet C. said...

What a beautiful home. Twenty five an acre, holly smokes! My husbands father bought a 95 farm back way back when for $5,500, won't tell you what it goes for now. Was a very good investment for his kids.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Susan...Your new roof is lovely and your home is in a georgeous setting...there's nothing like living in a wooded area, it's paradise.

I dreamt last night that our metal roof sprung 3 leaks and I was frantically running around trying to find Jimmy to tell him. My dream was jam packed with exciting trips through my yard, but I never found Jimmy.

Santa won't have any trouble seeing your roof, but like Motherkitty said...the roof will be treacherous, if it's wet.

Merry Christmas to You & Buddy.

jellyhead said...

The roof is a glorious success!

Merry Christmas Susan! Thanks for being a faithful and lovely blogfriend all through the year.

doubleknot said...

Thirty years - wow, that is wonderful in this time when people move so often. If it hadn't been for three hurricanes that hit us two or three - can't remember - any way I would still be in my old place going on ten years but the storms runied it and my friend and I threw our lots together and rented the place we now live in. It was so funny when we moved in the landlord wanted to make sure we would be there at least two or three months - we told him how about two or three years or more. It is easier for us to rent since we are disabled and the landlord fixes anything that gets broken.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

bluemountainmama said...

looks beautiful! i'm looking forward to when we find "home"....