Tuesday, December 19, 2006

could it be Santa?

Is that Santa up on the rooftop, checking out the chimney?

Buddy couldn't pass up the chance to climb up the convenient 2x4 'steps' installed by the roofers to get up and work on the chimney one last time (hopefully).

He installed new flue caps and did some waterproofing. Did you hear him yell when his socket wrench fell into the 7" flue pipe down to the furnace in the basement?

Is that Santa in the workshop helping all the little elves making presents?

When granddaughters Sarah and Madison heard Kyle talking about making presents in the workshop, of course they wanted to do it too...

Is that Santa teaching Kyle to drive the 4-wheeler?

Learning to drive the 4-wheeler, the same one his mom used to drive!

Our new red roof is shining in the background, almost finished!


Motherkitty said...

Whoooeeeee, girly, I get to comment first!!! Your Santa on the roof looks like he has more courage than I ever would. Me, who is terribly afraid of heights, would never think of climbing such an edifice just to "fix" a chimney. I would have hired someone and then I would have stood on the ground and directed traffic.

Your roof looks like it's really getting there. Sure is red and will surely stand out during all seasons of the year. I have figured out why you chose red -- you want Santa to know where to come and red is your signal that this is your landing pad. Good thinking.

I've never ridden a four-wheeler but your granddaughter Kylie looks like she's really enjoying herself. I must say that you and Buddy are the "hippest" grandparents I've ever seen.

Hope you are enjoying yourselves and look forward to a wonderful holiday.

(Man, I hate beta blogger.)

jellyhead said...

I can't believe Buddy climbed up sooooo high. It makes me nervous just looking at a photo of his antics!

I love the roof - it looks perfect!

"Grandi" said...

I love that red roof!! It just looks warm and homey - what a beautiful area you live in!

colleen said...

You have a such a great place! The red is so upbeat. Great photos.