Friday, August 18, 2006

school news

Well it has begun, another school year has a week under its belt. Visiting with our grandchildren last Sunday, we couldn't help but notice the signs of school.

New backpacks were lined up by the door. Stacks of notebook paper and school supplies on the shelf. Bulletin board already filling up with bus schedules, school lunch menu cut from the newspaper, football schedule.

The school supply lists for each grade are given to the local Wal-Mart as early as July, and by this week the store shelves were getting bare.

After a lazy summer off, the kids were quick to sign up for extracurricular activities - band, cross country track, soccer, football, cheer leading. You know what that means for mom - lots of chauffeuring and bleacher time.

Contrary to the usual news in our quiet little town, on the first day of school this past Monday there was a bomb threat at the high school, called in at 8 a.m. Nothing turned up, and all the poor high school students got the day off - does this sound suspicious to anyone?

But unlike the probable prank at the high school, what happened yesterday was no joke. At the elementary school, an early arriving custodian was attacked at knifepoint and left injured inside the school - she was discovered when other workers started to arrive. She is at the local hospital, and is going to be all right. The local authorities handled the situation admirably, rerouting all the busses from the elementary to the middle school and locking down all the schools in the county. Unfortunately, the attacker is still at large. Schools are closed today.

Our little town in the news (and on the Atlanta TV news) twice in one week, not a good start for this school year.

was it just 2 weeks ago we were at the beach, no worries...


Motherkitty said...
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Motherkitty said...

I've always said, whatever happens in big cities happens in small towns, just not so much of it. But, when it does happen, it's big news. Well, I hope they have caught or are close to catching the perp in this heinous crime, and I'm glad the custodian is going to be okay. Sounds like she either disturbed a robbery in progress or this was the result of some domestic dispute.

Yes, vacations have a habit of quickly vanishing with the onrush of our usual daily activities.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

That's definately not a good start to the school year. The bomb threat was an inconvenience, but that stabbing is scary...I hate to see violence like that going on. Good that the janitor is going to be ok and I'm sure she can identify her attacker.

Now is the time of year when I start thinking of taking a vacation...the temps are beginning to cool a little and the vacationers with children have gone home for the start of school. Vacation spots are not so crowded.

Well, Susan I hope that school gets started up again soon and this time with no problems.

Sandy :)

jellyhead said...

When you start to feel too stressed, close your eyes and imagine yourself back at the beach again....

Finn said...

Hi Susan, sorry not to have around sooner, I'm really behind on blog reading..*VBS*
It just breaks my heart that in a world that grows increasingly violent, it has to also include our schools. I know the school shooting far outdistance the bomb treat, but to target a fear seems almost equally cruel to me. One can't overlook the impact of a shooting, but with the bomb threat, it impacts everyone...I just don't know..I'm probably not saying what i mean very well.
I suppose somehow we just don't expect it will "our" school or custodian. Love the picture of the dunes, and what a pesky Mr. Night Visitor you have...LOL Hugs, Finn

Alice said...

That's really sad news, Susan. Really shatters your confidence in everything you had trusted before, doesn't it? I hope the injured custodian will soon be fully recovered physically, and ultimately emotionally as well.