Thursday, August 17, 2006

night stalker

We have a nightly visitor, Mr. Raccoon comes onto the deck looking to see what is new. Did we forget to bring in the cat food? Mmm

Oh, good, the hand washing water is fresh! (he always washes his hands in the cat's drinking water)

Last night he decided to see if there was anything new under the geraniums.

When I first started planting flower boxes on the deck a few years ago, the night after planting all the new little flowers, he came along and dug every one of them up.

They saying is curiosity killed the cat…

1 comment:

Motherkitty said...

So, kind lady, what are you going to do with old Rocky if and when you catch him in the act? Say "shoo"? It's a good thing that he hasn't brought his entire family onto your deck for a look-see, then you really would have a mess. The only thing we've had lately are a few stray cats and the occasional skunk (the other night) whose aroma invaded our entire house. Thanks, skunky.

I don't leave food out any more either for just that reason.