Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Money in the Bank

Unity National Bank, Calhoun Branch

This is the latest finished product of my husband, the builder, construction superintendent. On the way to see the Rome Braves on Saturday night, we did a drive-by of this bank so all the family could see it. It is nice to have something to show for all your hard work, something to be proud of. I think Buddy is a tad more proud of the high-rise buildings he worked on in the 70s and 80s, but the small town jobs have their perks, like nice friendly folks down at the inspection office!

He has been building a lot of banks lately, and he likes to say he has money in every one of them - and he does! When they are pouring the concrete for the vault, he places a quarter or whatever he has into the concrete form, the concrete is poured on top of it, and voila! Money in the bank!

He is now back to playing in the dirt again at his next project, another bank. From this picture you would never guess it is an outparcel in front of a Target store, next to Lowes, and across the street from Home Depot. Lots of traffic and lots of places to eat and shop!


Motherkitty said...

Well, it looks as if Buddy does some beautiful work. You must be so proud of him. He must be proud of himself that his life's work is so visible and usable by so many people. It's nice that he can drive around and say, hey, I built that, a lasting memorial to society, a beautiful, but useful, structure.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

That's real cute what Buddy does about putting coins in the fresh cement of the bank vaults. I had to smile when I read that.

Our little town has so many banks we often wonder who has all the money around here.*LOL*

That's a very nice bank building that Buddy built. That must be very gratifying to be able to go around town pointing out all the buildings that Buddy built.

jellyhead said...

That's a *fine-looking* building - I bet a lot more handsome than the high-rises Buddy has built! Thanks for showing us.