Monday, May 1, 2006

Blackberry winter

Last week started out hot, in the 80s. Windows open, pollen covering everything inside and out. By Friday it was in the 40s in the morning, windows closed, heat on. Saturday morning I noticed the white blackberry blossoms on the side of the road. Aha! Blackberry winter. It happens every year.

I was on my way to buy some flowers from the little greenhouse down the road. The owner always said to not plant anything before May 1st. She is gone now, and her daughter runs the greenhouse. As we stood in the greenhouse looking out at the cold rain and wind, I asked her if this was blackberry winter? Of course it is! Hopefully it will move on out of here soon.

Blackberry winter - A (mainly Southern) term used to describe a brief period of cold weather that coincides with the time the blackberries are in bloom (typically in early to mid May).

The cold snap doesn’t seem to be bothering anything else.

In the woods, the mountain laurel is getting ready to bloom.

The sweetshrub has been out for a while, can you smell it?

On the deck, the annuals I got Saturday to fill my flower boxes - salvia, coleus, marigolds.

In the yard, hostas are my favorite thing to grow, shade loving, come back every year, multiply.


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

The blackberries aren't blooming up here yet, so that is a cold spell that we have to look forward to yet...probably in about a week to two.

I'm glad that you mentioned that the mountain laurel was getting ready to bloom, because I love to take a ride south when it's in's so pretty.

doubleknot said...

My another blogger mentioned blackberries - now I am getting a craving for them.
Your flowers look very nice. I need to try some hostas as I have plenty of shade. Thanks for the idea.