Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Kermit's latest venture

Kermit the Frog, celebrated actor, author, singer, journalist, environmentalist, and expert on all things green, in ad campaign for Ford Escape Hybrid.

I opened up the Time magazine and look what I found! It is good to see Kermit again, still working away even though he is in the over 50 baby boomer crowd.

In one of his books, Kermit even has some advice for us bloggers on writing: "It's all kinds of simple: Just don't take yourself too seriously and don't listen to experts (including pigs), and you've pretty much got it." - from One Frog Can Make a Difference : Kermit's Guide to Life in the 90s


Motherkitty said...

I love Kermit. Is he being exploited with all these commercials? I wonder what he's doing with all the money he's making. Proably taking Miss Piggy out on the town in his new car.

Seeing Anew said...

Oh, it's good to see Kermit again! I tell you, when my kids were small, a dose of Sesame Street or Mister Rogers with the kids, was better than valium...a wonderful retreat to a kinder, gentler world!

jellyhead said...

That frog is a wise soul.

He was particularly moving in singing, 'The Rainbow Connection'.

It's not easy being green, but Kermit has well and truly risen above it!

doubleknot said...

Oh gee - I remember when Sesame Street started - I think - I know my kids grew up watching it and I watched right along with them.
Good for Kermit - get out there and remind everyone there is still some decent children's programs out there in TV land.

J's Mommy said...

My daughter loves that commercial with Kermie!