Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Weekend in Vegas!

Our daughter, Melissa, went to a convention recently in Vegas. After arriving late at night, she woke up the next morning to this view out her hotel window, the city with the Rockies in the background. It sounds like she had a good time, lots of meetings and dinners, not much sight-seeing, but a good break from the everyday life.

Everyday life at Melissa's house is 2 jobs, 4 kids, and all the stuff that goes along with that. Her first job is home transcription so she is there all day, her second job is doing home parties, so she gets out on the weekends to travel and meet folks.

The recent convention was for her second job, she was recognized for her hard work, winning several awards. We are very proud of our hardworking firstborn!

Positives: They are natural leaders and often high achievers. The majority of politicians, spokespersons and managing directors are first-borns. They frequently live with a sense of entitlement and even superiority. They often come in two flavors: compliant nurturers/caregivers or aggressive movers and shakers. Both are in control; they just use different methods. As a rule, first-borns are picky, precise people - they pay attention to detail - tend to be punctual, organized, and competent. They want to see things done right the first time. They don't like surprises.

Negatives: They are often moody and occasionally lack sensitivity. They can be intimidating, particularly by pushing people too hard or refusing to take no for an answer. Sometimes they can be a bit 'know-it-all', and often they are poor at delegating - largely because they don't trust other people as much as they trust themselves. They also tend to be bossy, perfectionists and overly-conscientious.

Hey, Melissa, I found this online, I think they know you pretty well!


Anonymous said...

Wow! They really do know me. Thanks mom. So what does it say about 2nd borns?


The 2nd Born said...

Mover and Shaker... can't take NO for an answer... a 'know it all'... often moody... and bossy. That's amazing MOM! You'll have to see how us second born and nice and subdued... =)

Motherkitty said...

Cool pictures. Glad your first-born had such a nice time in such a fantastic city. We love it there.

I don't know for sure, but I think the mountain in the picture is Mt. Charleston which is to the west of LV. I don't know if you can see the Rockies far to the east from LV. I'll have to ask my sister who lives in LV.

jellyhead said...

What a high achiever - mothering, working, receiving awards to boot! Go Melissa!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

You must be very proud of your daughter, she sounds like she leads a very busy life.

Finn said...

I'm still laughing..and all I can say in my defense is that I didn't ask to be born first...*VBG* Hugs, Finn

It's a rough job but somebodys gotta do it!