Friday, February 3, 2006

firefly hunting

Did you ever catch fireflies when you were younger? It was a lot of fun, finding and catching the elusive glowing bugs.

We went hunting fireflies the other night, We went night caching! We have been geocaching for a year now, always in the daytime, but there was a new cache in the area that was set up to do at night. I was leery, but it did sound exciting. It is in the Dawson forest, home of the abandoned nuclear reactor, and I agree with another cacher who posted that 'these woods are spooky'. Add to that the fact that we had to go all the way to the end of a dead-end narrow dirt road to park, passing other vehicles on the way that were parked on the side, wondering where the drivers were, and what they were doing there (do you hear banjo music?). Anyway, we arrived well before dark, not sure what to expect, so we got out and investigated the area.

I did not know what to look for, but Buddy had done his homework. For night caching there are small reflectors (fireflies) put out in the forest to guide you along, which can be seen with a bright flashlight. Once we knew what to look for, we spotted some of the fireflies in the daylight, and after combing the area, actually found the cache. We took a very special cache prize - the coveted white jeep travel bug. (Jeep Corp is in with, as it takes a 4-wheel-drive vehicle to get to a lot of caches.) We stuck around til dusk to see how the fireflies actually looked, very spooky indeed.


doubleknot said...

The night geocaching sounds like a lot of fun. Spooky and not knowing what to expect.
I used to catch fireflies when I was younger - we would put them in jars and try to find the darkest place to look at them. It seems that there are not many around any more - I haven't seen a firefly in years. Of course I don't get out after dark much either. I wish the kids today could experience the wonder of the fireflies - we found such simple pleasure fifty or so years ago.

Motherkitty said...

We have lots of fireflies at our house. We like to sit out on the back deck at night a enjoy the evening sights and sounds. The problem is mosquitos so we don't often go out there without bug repellent on.

Going out in the woods at night would be spooky beyond belief. Can we say "Blair Witch Project"? I'm glad you guys are having so much fun. The little Jeep was a real find, wasn't it? When you take something, do you also leave something at the geocache?

Finn said...

I remember loving the fireflies in the summers of yesteryear..a very, very long time ago. We also called them "lightening bugs", not sure why.
Catching them and putting them in a glass jar was the high light of the summer evening(pre-television when kids played outside til bedtime). We always released them before we went to sleep so they wouldn't die in the jars.
The ge0-caching does sound spooky..and very far from the streetlights of my childhood. BUT..congratulations on finding the cache and getting the coveted prize!! High Fives for that one!!

susan said...

Yes, when you take something from the geocache, you also leave something. Part of the fun. The kids really like that part.

Seeing Anew said...

What a pleasant thought of summer -- sitting out on the front porch, listening to the crickets, and watching the fireflies come out. (Hmmmm...swatting mosquitos is part of that picture too..but not such a pleasant memory.) I didn't realize till last year that fireflies live in the ground, and then just when it gets dark enough, they all emerge from the grass at the same time and float up into the shrubs and trees. Now I can't wait for summer!