Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Belated thanks

I am not quite finished with Thanksgiving....

thanks to Buddy for fixing my oven in time for Thanksgiving baking

thanks to the inventor of the deep fried turkey pot

thanks to Kay for bringing the delicious ham and for not attempting to make the 'whipped carrots' recipe she saw in the grocery ad

thanks to Carrie for bringing her Christmas party outfit and modeling it for us

thanks to Sarah and Racheal for making the green bean casserole and for not telling Carrie what was in it so she would eat it

thanks to all who took home leftovers, no need to return the empty Cool-Whip bowls (we still have a matching set for salads)

thanks for frozen pie crusts, can openers, bags of bread crumbs, and ready-made rolls (not that I use any of those things)

thanks to Melissa for making the cherry stuff and not eating it all before she got here

thanks to the State Dept for hiring Ethan away from GM before they closed the plant

thanks to the pilgrims for not landing in Maine, I don't think I could afford lobster for a house full!


doubleknot said...

Wonderful list of Thanks. I need to keep reminding myself of all I am thankful for.

Finn said...

Wonderful list Susan, and as I read your blog each day, I'm thankful for you..*VBS* Love the holly picture too.

We were stationed in Oregon with the AF, back in the 1960's. Imagine my surprise that holly grows wild there, along the banks of the little streams and rivers...what a treat for a WI girl !