Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Barn quilt

I found this picturesque combination of old barn and quilt design and just had to share, thanks to a fellow blogger, Granny's Garden This is in Grundy County, Iowa, where there are 13 barns, corncribs, and other farm buildings that have been painted with traditional patchwork quilt patterns.

I imagine it would be a beautiful drive through the countryside looking at all the barn quilts. I may just have to try this, but since we don't have a barn, it will have to be the woodshed or maybe the shed with the tractor...

Barn Quilts of Grundy County


Motherkitty said...

This is so cool. My husband just sent me the exact same link and I had just looked at all the pictures of the barns. Now I wish I had a barn to hang one of these lovely quilts on! Don't think it would look too good on a brick house.

Have never had the patience to quilt (just needlepoint), but have admired those who do. The national quilt museum is located in Paducah, Kentucky (45 miles from us) and they have an international show which brings in about 30,000-40,000 visitors each year. We receive an overflow of visitors who come to our little town to visit our antique stores and the local Amish community. Have you ever heard of this show?

Finn said...

Hi Susan, thanks for coming over to Pieces from my scrapbag..always nice to hear from another quilter..*VBS* I'm going to add you to my list of "reads". Stop by anytime..*VBS"...and I'll be by to see what you are up to..Finn

About that red quilt?? Yup, me too, don't care for the center, but love the scrappy churn dash blocks, and the on point.

jellyhead said...

Hi Susan, hope you're having a good day.

Thanks for your comment about my 'night out'. You're quite right - I did think THANK GOODNESS when I got home to Fatty. There's nothing like being with a partner that you have known for years (you would know this better than I would - having been married for as long as you told me). It takes so long to truly get to know a person - I would hate to be starting out all over again.

I also noticed you have my blog listed as one of your favourites, so thank you! I feel privileged - especially when I am such a nong at so many of the things that you are good at, I'm a different generation etc etc. I'm honoured.

Finn said...

Hello again Susan, I took a look at your unknown quilt, but it's unknown to me also. It's a very old one for sure..and possibly is the makers own idea. It reminds me abit of a drunkards path, but the curve is different, same with Orange peel. You truly have a mystery quilt...Bonnie from Quiltville might know.
The *VBS* is "very big smile" and the same with *VBG*, but substitute in "grin" for smile..*S*
I love your pictures...splendid scenery behind the quilt on the line! You write very well...keep up the good work, maybe quilts will move forward ahead of the laundry..easy for me to talk..I live alone..LOL

doubleknot said...

The quilt on the barn is just my thing. When we lived in the country we built a wooden box with lid to put trash in - so the critters wouldn't get it - and I painted rabbits jumping through the grass, butterflies soaring around and just anything else I could think of. Yep the little building that held our pump looked so much like an out house you guessed it painted like an out house. Funny you should mention wooden sheds because I painted a hex sign on my - don't remember any more what it stood for more then likely good fortune.

If I took a tour I would have to have a picture of every barn.

I don't quilt anymore though my room mate has been urging me to make him a nice thick one - he is thinking back to his childhood when quits were used - now I ask him what he is going to do with his electric blanket. I do have one quilt that has had several layers of cloth on it and I want to put a nice new patchwork on it before it gets too late and my old fingers won't hold the needle any more.