Wednesday, November 9, 2005

School lunches

Melissa walked into the kitchen the other morning and found all 4 kids packing lunches. She said what are y'all doing? I paid for your lunches for a whole month at school. They promptly pointed to the bulletin board on the kitchen wall (the one with spelling word lists, weekly newsletters from teachers, lists of books to read, football schedule, soccer schedule, basketball schedule, poster contest rules - but most importantly - the school lunch MENU) and said "Chicken Tacos - YUCK." So they packed ham sandwiches, peanut butter crackers, and apples and made it out to catch the bus on time.

I remember eating lunch at school when we lived on the Army base. Every day with the lunch we were given a slice of loaf bread. Some kids actually ate the bread, some would make balls to throw, I remember it being pretty bland, I guess to go along with the warmed up canned veggies etc. with no seasoning. THEN we moved to the country. That first day at Epworth Elementary, I came home telling of the amazing food in the lunchroom. It actually tasted like home cooking. There was either cornbread or yeast rolls every day. Black-eyed peas, spaghetti, all tasting delicious. I remember we always had fish sticks on Friday. I never did like milk, and since there was no other option, I would bring Nestle's Quik in a little bag to pour into my milk carton and shake it up. By high school I guess the food was back to institutional grade, because I always packed my lunch then, always a sandwich, chips, candy bar, and the can of coke that had been placed overnight in the freezer. It was fun eating at a table full of friends, sharing food and laughs. I don't remember ever having chicken tacos, but I might just agree with the kids - sounds like YUCK to me, too.

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doubleknot said...

Your daughter Melissa sounds like my sister Lissa who just had her sixth little one a few months ago at the age of 42. They are a well organized family where everyone does their part. They are starting to move out of the nest now - one married, one in college and another set to go to Utah next year. You listing all the schedules on the bulletin board reminded me of her children - most of them were homeschooled for a while then went into public school. One of the boys is a senior and already has three college credits. They all play at least two musical instruments. They sound like the perfect family buy they have their bumby times too. It sounds nice that your grandchildren took the lead with going ahead and making their lunch instead of whinning to Mom like so many children do now.