Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday Drive

Our trek today started out as it does often, to town for supplies, money, etc. A nice meal at a quiet eating place in a former apple house. Then off the beaten path on FS roads, lots of bumps, gravel, trees, sky. Why is it such a joy to ford a creek? The simple things that delight us. Four-wheel drive on a mountain road, is this a road? No, maybe not, just a mountain bike trail, but wait, there is a cabin! Finding our parking destination and hiking along with the only sound the creek nearby. Finding a hidden treasure placed years ago by a very personable gentleman who we were fortunate to meet earlier in the summer. More riding on deserted roads, finding another treasure placed in honor of a revered soldier in another peaceful place.

Back out into civilization, through the quaint town of Dahlonega, it has grown, but still seems small. Heading north up into the mountains. Discovering Boggs creek, new to us, a small campground, mostly deserted on this Sunday afternoon. Another creek crossing for the jeep! What fun that is. Following the clues to another treasure, an enjoyable way to pass the time and see new places. Camping is only $8 a day, maybe will quit the job and live here.

On up into the mountains a little further, finding Desoto falls. Was Hernando Desoto really here? Why not? He was probably drawn by the mountains then as many are today, trekking on the weekends to get away from their city lives and jobs to the beauty, quiet, coolness of the mountains. Lots of folks picnicking, cooking out steaks, ribs, mmm. Made our way up the trail toward the falls, again followed the clues and detoured off the beaten path to the stash. Out of site of the official trail, in the woods, no one knows we are there. Ah, back down to reality once again, to see the falls. Desoto Falls - not much water, but a nice presentation. The water makes its way down the levels of rock to the bottom, a cool breeze off the water greets us at the observation area. Crossed the creek on the way back to see the campground. Ate lunch (the traditional pbjs) at a campsite, pretended we were camping, just without all the 'stuff' it takes to do so. Picked out a nice spot to come back to with the motorhome and kids etc. Campground mostly deserted, peaceful except for the highway nearby.

Cachin is finished, afternoon is waning. Which way to go - back the way we came, or on deeper into the mountains and back a different way. Different prevails, more to see. Up, up the mountain to Neel's Gap. AT crossing ahead the sign says. The old CCC building on the right, many a hiker has passed through there. Lots of motorcycles out today, a popular road for them. On over the other side of the gap, passing Byron Herbert Reece parking area, for those so inclined to hike to Blood Mountain. Down, down now from the gap, signs promise a runaway truck lane ahead and puts that vision into our heads. On down past Vogel. Checked out the work going on at the Reece homestead. Folks work to preserve the past and history for the next generation. A noble cause. Into Choestoe valley, with Brasstown Bald tower shining in the sun in the distance, a clear day it is. Past the Booger Holler store, always a chuckle at the name. Past the cluster of stores at the Nottley River where Papaw used to feed the bread to the fish off the back deck. Enter Blairsville, around the old square, another quaint little town. Back down the highway toward home, mingling in with the others heading home at this hour on Sunday evening.

How lucky we are to live here in the mountains, just look at all those people in traffic on Sunday afternoon heading south, back to the city or burbs after spending the weekend here. And look at us, out of place in that traffic, but okay knowing we are just out getting some food before heading back to our little slice of heaven. It is always like that after spending a day away from home, upon returning all the reasons to get away are forgotten. Everything we need is here. Home.

Hey, it's good to be back home again
Sometimes this old farm feels like a long lost friend
Yes, hey it's good to be back home again

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doubleknot said...

Was looking at some of your archives and was delighted to find someone who shared an interest in hiking - no not me sadly to say - but my daughter and her husband. Matter of fact they went to Alaska for their honeymoon so they could hike up there. At their reception when they returned from Alaska - guess who got to babysit the doggies and kitties - they had about ten pictures they put in frames of themsevels where you could see a different back ground in each picture.
My son-in-law if an oriterer (spelling off on that) He loves to make maps and map out places that haven't been mapped yet. He leads classes in oritering.

Nice to know some one else out the likes the same thing.