Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Our first album

Listening to John Denver tonight, still great after all these years. Our love for John Denver, his music, and his ideals began in the summer of '73, when we were given his album "Poems, Prayers, and Promises" as a wedding gift by Buddy's best friend, Chuck. That album is still here in the cabinet (with all the other old 33s). It's a wonder it is not worn out, as much as we played it. We were living at the time down at Tumblin' Waters in our little upstairs suite. No phone, a LONG way from town, just the two of us, with just the sound of the stream to live by. And John. Ah, those were the days . . . no worries, mate.

So I decided to include some of his thoughts here along with mine.

And talk of poems and prayers and promises
And things that we believe in
How sweet it is to love someone
How right it is to care
How long its been since yesterday
And what about tomorrow
And what about our dreams
And all the memories we share


Alice said...

I'm such a John Denver fan, and often think of how many wonderful songs will now never be written and sung due to his very untimely death. We were fortunate to see him in concert twice, and we have many of his albums.

Rose said...

My sis-in law/best friend loves John Denver...not that I don't. But the few times I got to go to her house when were in our teens...always sat and listened to this album. Besides just liking it for the songs, it holds such memories for me.