Monday, February 20, 2017


Vicksburg, Mississippi.

The mighty Mississippi River with its history of floods, hence the levee wall.

Huge concrete panels set in the ground to hold back the mighty river, access behind it for boat launch area, access areas able to be closed off with more panels when the river is threatening to rise.

Huge concrete panels provided an opportunity, a blank canvas for a mural artist to capture the colorful history of the area. The war, the cotton, riverboats, commerce, industry.

We learned that Vicksburg is the first place that Coca-Cola was bottled for distribution, yes our own Atlanta is where it was created, but only available at soda fountains.

We learned that Teddy Roosevelt came to Mississippi bear hunting and decided not to shoot the defenseless bear. The press published pictures of Teddy's Bear and soon toy companies were making Teddy's Bear, later called Teddy Bears.

The beautiful murals were painted by artist Robert Dafford of Lafayette, Louisiana, who has painted murals worldwide.

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Eddie said...

My ancestor John T. Huey of Woodstock, Ga., was involved in the Seize of Vicksburg on both sides. First of all, he was exempted from the CSA draft because he was a large land owner but went anyway, not for the cause, but for the money. Another man paid him to fight in his place. During the Seize of Vicksburg, off and on for several days he was AWOL from one side and signed an allegiance to whatever side was winning that day.