Thursday, February 16, 2017

love is in the air

A blogger friend is getting married! I found Linda J many years ago while searching 'how to make a t-shirt quilt'. Her tutorial guided me through my first attempt, along with answered e-mail questions along the way. I would follow her many beautiful quilt projects, she can whip up a quilt so fast! She and her quilting group Bama Belles makes many quilts for donation:

"We delivered 80 some quilts to the Presbyterian Home for Children located in Talladega. That number provided a quilt for every bed at the facility as well as their emergency intake facility some 20 miles away. We sent 25 more down the following year. That same year a bunch went to headquarters, the Friendship House (the Baptists home in Oxford) and the Salvation Army Battered Women's Shelter."

I wanted to do a little something for her and luckily she posted that her new beau is doing a lot of work around her house and they spend a lot of time at Lowe's, so if anyone wants to know what they need, a Lowe's gift card would be great. I also made her some dishcloths, tried matching the dishcloth colors some of the Pioneer Woman dishes at Wal-mart, and tried some new patterns, a fun project. She can always return the dishes and get something she wants instead.

Linda shares her quilting knowledge along with recipes and stories of life in Alabama. And she lives in the little town where I was born, coincidence? We all mourned the loss of her husband a couple of years ago, and are all so happy that she found love again.

Congratulations to Linda and Charles!

Linda, Thanks for giving me the opportunity to buy some Pioneer Woman dishes that I  have been eyeing… now if you don't like 'em just go back to Walmart and get something you like, it is a win-win!
Thanks for being a destination for cotton dishcloths, I love to make them and look for reasons and people to make them for. I know you make them too but you might need some new ones for your new life, and you might not have had much time to knit lately.
Thanks for teaching me to make t-shirt quilts for all my grandkids! Your sewing knowledge is awesome. Hey, now you will have lots of new grandkids to make t-shirt quits for!
Thanks for sharing your blog, your thoughts, your ups and downs, with all of us, I feel as if I know you and we have not even met!
I wish you happiness in every day and forever, my friend.
love, Susan

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Linda C said...

And I love them! Even though I can knit them myself, I love the new colors and the patterns.

You were so sweet to post this, Susan! Can you tell I am behind in reading?