Tuesday, August 16, 2016

the trash room

its all in the raising

when you go off to college and rub elbows with folks that may be a little more affluent than you, whose trip to college did not include 3 cars and grandpa's trailer, maybe they flew in from parts around the country

and at the end of the semester instead of moving all of their accumulated stuff home, they just leave said stuff on campus

and say the campus has a designated area for this stuff, a.k.a. the trash room

and if you were raised by taking advantage of sales and thrift store finds, you might find the trash room intriguing

and say you are moving into a bigger dorm room this year and need a few things, so you make a list to go to Target, but before you go, you stop by the trash room and score a few nice finds…

not dumpster diving, but repurposing, reusing, saving stuff from the landfill and all, but more importantly not spending the $$ in your college fund

because you don't have rich parents who are funding your four years of fun and partying, you work for your supper literally, you get a job for the summer and you have your summer paycheck go directly into your college savings fund because you know you will need it later for food or housing or gas

when you earned the privilege of being there by way of your awesome ACT scores and earning a 4 year tuition scholarship and you continue to earn more scholarships along the way to pay for housing and food by sending in hundreds of scholarship applications and writing hundreds of essays because you know nothing is free

so when on your way to Target you walk by the trash room and see some perfectly good dorm furniture, you think, yes! Check this off my shopping list! Maybe a few free things do come along from time to time

actually you might get it honestly ... it is not unlike the story of your grandpa Buddy who would rescue discarded lawn mowers parked on the curb waiting for the garbage truck and take them home, maybe using pieces and parts from more than one to cobble a mower together to mow the neighbors' grass for spending money

it is about frugality and character and work ethic, but really it is all about the raising

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