Wednesday, August 17, 2016

displaced in LA

Buddy: You know it's bad when the crawfish come up to your camper with their little claws raised to the sky wanting in with you.........if I just had water boiling.....hmmmmm.

The Flood of 2016.

Sunday morning, August 14th, Buddy walked down toward the office to see how bad it was, the lake was out of its boundaries, joined up with the adjacent bayou, water as far as you could see through the trees.

The rain had stopped but the news said the local bayou would crest the next day at 24 feet, a record level. So he decided he better get out while he could in the truck and leave the camper there. This picture was taken from the road at the exit after he plowed through with his truck, water up to the bottom of the doors. He called to say he made it out, "I took some pictures looking back after I made it to the other side, not sure if they took though because my hands were shaking."

He turned north out of the campground and made his way up and around and down I-49 which was down to one lane, closing up fast. And made it to a motel nearer the jobsite, far from natural waterways. Safe and sound and dry.

The campground posted this picture of the entrance looking down the driveway toward the office on Sunday evening.

and these on Monday afternoon, August 15th, near the office

The bayou has crested now and the water will take a while to recede. 

So he will go back to the campground maybe this weekend to see how everything fared. Our camper is in one of the higher areas of the campground, not a lakefront site thankfully. 

Luckily the job site fared well and work goes on.

Meanwhile back at home… the insurance guy says we are covered for flood or water damage on our travel trailer, just let him know.

Just another day in the paradise that is southern LA, and another reason to get the heck out of there!

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Gypsy Quilter said...

Oh my, I'm very glad Buddy has an extra large truck and was able to get out safely.