Friday, August 5, 2016

the ledger

This is it, the infamous ledger of Mrs. Tidwell.

A purchase from Woolworth for 79 cents. The first entry was for Sue's 1964 Rambler. Just look at that fancy cursive writing! Seeing that is like hearing a song from the past, memories flood in, Inez and her cooking, sewing, bookkeeping. She was a secretary back in the day when that was a good job, working at the Carpenter's Local Union hall keeping records.

We were lucky to have parents who were willing to help us out when we were in a bind, either with a helping hand or monetarily. But if it was to do with $, it went into The Ledger.

I don't think any of us ever saw it until after her death, but we all knew it was there, that records were being kept and we were expected to honor our debts.

We all had our own sections, with a tab for our names and lines and lines of debits and credits. What she could do with a ledger page and adding machine tape rivals the digital spreadsheets we use now. Extensive notes on why and how and when were documented. And once it was in the ledger, you either paid it off when you could, or you would pay later, which some of us ended up doing, our part of accounts owed coming out of her estate way down the road. 

Going through old files lately, shredding old tax returns etc. But not this, this is a keeper :)

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