Sunday, August 7, 2016

make a plan

What does your future hold?

Inspired by Madison's 5 year plan (a college assignment) I challenged all the other kids to make a plan. What does your future hold? Think past the next paycheck. Living day to day is easy and what most of us do, but where will it get us in the long run?

Like the classic job interview question, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"  You could say, "Duh working here?" or, "Owning this company!"

Your plan doesn’t have to be a detailed spreadsheet presentation color coded for major and minor courses of study, which I must say was very impressive, Madison. Just think about it, write it down, shoot me an e-mail or text or whatever it is you kids do nowadays, but not snapchat because I think that disappears… weird, but something that will last. Or what about oldschool with a pen and paper and even cursive writing, now that would be great!

What is in your future? Graduation? Travel? Real estate? Family? Job? Building your own computer? Discovering a cure for Cancer? Taking care of your granma in her old age?  

Think about it. Write it down. It could change your life.

and make your granma happy

~photo Lookout Mountain Flight Park 2012

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