Tuesday, July 26, 2016

vintage lace

My mom still has her wedding dress, it's in a K-Mart bag in her attic.

Sitting around the table at the last family gathering, so many conversations going on at once, this one line from one conversation stands out, from Carrie.

I don't know why that came up, but it seems like it got quiet right then and everyone heard it. And everyone looked at me.

Me: Yes, that's true.

Carrie (to the girls): Y'all should go try it on.

Madison: We tried it on a long time ago, it didn't fit.

Keith (looking at each one around the table): I don't think it would fit anyone here, except for maybe Daniel.

All: Why? What size is it?

Me: I don't know the actual size, I weighed about 100 pounds soaking wet…

All the girls: Oh well, not me…

Daniel: What are y'all talking about? Why do you want me to try on a wedding dress?

LOL the things you hear at family gatherings, but that got me thinking and since I am in the cleaning out mode this week, got out the K-Mart bag and checked out the dress. It is actually in very good condition. The color is not - It started out as ivory, now a little darker.

This is the dress now, just out of the bag. I tried to find a good picture from 43 years ago but 99% of the wedding photos had the bouquet right front and center. This is how I would describe it - color ivory, high-waisted, sweetheart neckline, cap sleeves, bodice was satin covered in lace, skirt was satin covered in ? chiffon maybe. But the official description in the 'society section' of the Blue Ridge Newspaper went like this:

That beautiful description was no doubt written by my sweet wedding coordinator (aka the local florist) who did a wonderful job, thanks Sue Beaver. If I had known there would be such a fancy description maybe I would have been more nervous when sewing it - actually it was just a little homemade number whipped up in my spare time. Speaking of whipping, I learned to roll & whip the entire length and width edge of that train, whew!

Google tells me how to DIY clean your vintage wedding dress. Actually there were quite a few articles about this, then I saw why - it seems the vintage look is in for brides, either they are wearing old dresses or the dresses are being repurposed for use by the descendents of the original wearer into things like ring bearer pillows, flower girl dress, or christening gowns.

So what do you think? Just dunk it into the bathtub like Google says?  

Anyone need something old? something borrowed? 

I will save the K-Mart bag just in case, it was apparently a very efficient way to preserve something.


Gypsy Quilter said...

Ohh my. You do know not to store any kind of textile in a plastic bag don't you? Can you check on-line for acid free tissue paper and an acid-free box? There may be another generation interested in wearing it.

Linda J said...

As a quilter I would wonder about fiber content and wonder if it should go in a pillowcase instead. It is probably something synthetic and not once a living thing so it has probably been okay. It certainly looks okay.

I know what you mean about the following generations not being able to wear it though. My mom was much narrower across the back and shoulders and I was 5 inches taller. I couldn't wear her wedding dress when I was 12 let alone the advanced age I finally DID get married. It had a row of covered buttons with satin loops--grandma made it.