Sunday, July 17, 2016

back home again

Drinking coffee on the screen porch in the coolness of the early morning, watching the sun rise over the mountain, the soundtrack of an earlier life playing in the background.

John singing Back Home Again and Take Me Home Country Roads, the words never get old. I still can't listen to his voice for very long at a time without getting misty.

Gone way too young, but he left his wonderful songs as a legacy. At least he died doing something he loved, flying, not like so many others of substance abuse who are memorialized for weeks on the television… sorry don't get me started.

shhh, there it is… Sunshine on my Shoulders once again…

and… cue the air conditioner compressor under the porch shattering the peace

Note to self - retirement planning: Either move the screen porch or the A/C for maximal peace and quiet J

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