Monday, May 2, 2016


the granny square

this is a vintage granny square afghan/blanket made by my granny! I don't know exactly when she made it, but I would say about 45 years ago. 

This is my granny - Mother Hanie. This is how she looked my whole life, always the same. She liked to garden and cook and crochet. 

The granny square blanket above is made in the traditional way of using a different color yarn for each row/round of the square, then the last round is black. Individual squares were crocheted and then sewn together to make a blanket. This one was made of wool yarn (before acrylics were popular) and the thing about wool is that you cannot wash it or it will shrink. But I washed it. So if you look closely it is all fuzzed up and sort of all melded together... which is actually a thing now, to make something out of wool and wash it, it is called 'felting'.

The granny square pattern was/is a good way to use up bits of yarn left over from other projects, it reminds me of the way folks used to make quilts - using up bits of fabric left over from making clothes or other projects, piecing the little leftover fabrics together to make something whole and new. Yes, quilters and grannies started the original recycling movement!

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