Saturday, December 26, 2015

christmas 2015 snapshots

Santa Buddy on the roof

Buddy arrived home from Oklahoma in time to work on the house, an ongoing project he calls the "joys of home ownership". Welcome home Buddy, here's the honey-do list :(

kids playing

old school toys, no batteries, puzzles, spirograph, magic 8 ball, rock-em sock-em robots :)


We went to 3 different family events, spent time with lots of folks, now on social overload, but good times and good food. Thank goodness for family, we are blessed with a lot :)

cold weather gifts - but it's 70 degrees!

Have been knitting fingerless gloves for a while now, brushing up on different stitches, using different yarns, lots of fun for me. According to the lady at the yarn store, the younger generation would like these for texting, typing, photography, driving…keeping your hands, wrists, and arms warm with full use of your fingers. BUT record high temps here in GA prevented any modeling of these, maybe later in the winter :)

mesmerizing BB games

When I was looking for old school games I thought of sister Sue next door and the basketball games she used to make and sell. So I asked if she still had some, and she found a box in the basement of 'pieces and parts' which she brought to me, along with a finished one to go by for assembly. She said you just need to drill a hole here and glue this and find some spoons to fit in the groove… a project! She even came up with the idea of personalizing them with favorite sports teams etc.

patchwork tree skirt

A request from Melissa, this was a fun project, pieced and quilted with love :)


Madison is the poster child for how we all feel after it is over, time for a nap :)

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Linda J said...

a Merry Christmas was had by all---in triplicate! Loved seeing the pictures.