Sunday, August 9, 2015

union and reunion

runaway bride and groom

My niece Sherry was supposed to get married yesterday at Cloudland Canyon State Park. From these pictures it looks like they both tried to escape, but they did tie the knot after all :)

From Sherry: We are camping out, and getting married that earlier morning at the falls. Wear whatever you want, shorts and a t-shirt is fine with me bc I know it's going to be hot!! I will be getting ready in a bath house. It's my official redneck wedding :)  

Sherry and Michael had a small ceremony at the waterfalls at the bottom of the canyon early in the day and a reception later in the afternoon in the picnic area, which all of us family were invited to. She probably thought all us old folks couldn't make it down ALL those steps, (probably right).

Lots of fun seeing family I have not seen in a long time, Sherry, Tina, Erica, Savannah, Amanda, and some I have never met, Autumn. I was very glad to see my first sister-in-law - Kay Austin - I remember I was so glad when my brother brought her home when I was in high school, I had always wanted a sister!

Erica and Savannah

Tina, Savanna, Kay

Tina, Sherry, Susan, Melissa, Carrie

Families are like old quilts, 
although they tend to unravel at times, 
each can be stitched back together with love.

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