Monday, August 10, 2015

quilt in batik

My niece was getting married and I wanted to make her a quilt. I flew home a week before the wedding so I would have plenty of time.

I had found the above picture on Pinterest (pattern Boxed Squares) which led to a quilting board forum. I liked the quilt pictured, but this forum comment cinched my decision to use this pattern: "One thing I would recommend - turning every other block so that your seams don't match!"

So as to not take up time shopping, I ordered everything online and had it delivered to the house in GA ahead of time - batik fabric and batting and rotary blades and spray baste. I was lucky to find some backing fabric at the local Wal-Mart.

It came together fast, and after a refresher course on how to wash batik, it was ready for the wedding reception on Saturday! I find that I work better under pressure and with a deadline, what about you?

Thanks Sherry and Michael for sending this picture!

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