Thursday, April 30, 2015


POPS - roadside attraction/gas station/restaurant on Route 66, featuring over 600 flavors of POP! Just look for the giant POP bottle with straw.

While traveling along Route 66, you follow along on your brochure from the welcome center, looking for the historic buildings and icons. But the roadside attractions are not all old or historic.

Opened in 2007, the POPS Gas Station symbolizes the freedom of the open road. POPS is a Route 66 roadside attraction, not just a gas station for the family car. The huge cantilevered canopy design honors the many bridges on the legendary road. POPS is a Route 66 icon for the next generation of explorers on Route 66.

Engineering feat - the canopy is made up of four 200' pipe frame trusses spanning the entire gas station and fueling area, a cantilever of about 118 feet - and the 66' high POP bottle weighs 4 tons - by Mark Eudaley Engineers.

Award winning architecture by Elliott and Associates,

Store - along with gas, get your Route 66 souvenirs, old fashioned burgers and shakes, and over 600 flavors of POP arranged by color on the glass shelves and in the coolers.


Linda J said...

Was Buddy looking at the building and wondering how they built it?

Interesting! The large bottle outside is made from bottles?

Gypsy Quilter said...

Sooo, what flavor did you choose?