Sunday, March 29, 2015


Sue needed her UT dammit doll last night during the playoffs. Watching basketball brings out the REAL Sue.  Former high school basketball coach, she often offers advice to Holly and anyone else who will listen :)

The Lady Vols were trying to get into the Elite Eight, but it looked like the season was all but over. Down by 17 points, the announcers said the seniors on this team were the last ones to play for Pat Summitt, too bad they can't pull it out for Pat. 

And. They. Did. Coming back late in the second half to tie it up, into overtime, and the win!

I made some of these dolls for Christmas gifts, and had one left which I gave to Kay earlier in the week for her birthday. Sue saw it and said, "I need one of those for watching the Lady Vols, they make me so mad!" 

Soooo... I went home and got out some scraps from Cody's quilt and made a custom one for Sue. When I took it to her on Friday she said, "I needed that yesterday when I found out my phone went through the washing machine in my jeans pocket!"  

But she really needed it last night, poor doll, hang in there the season is not over yet!

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